Design better figures for scientific papers.

Our workflow for designing illustration is as following:

Charge: 2500 HKD per figure. (around 320 USD, 250 GBP, 270 EUR, 2150 RMB).
A minimum deposit (non-refundable) must be paid before design starts. 
Special discount might be applicable case by case.
Ask for a quotation through email to:
An official quotation with deposit link through PayPal will be sent.


Sylar Technology Ltd is dedicated to provide high-quality scientific illustrations using state-of-art softwares.

The team includes not only professional 3D artists, but also PhD holders in engineering and sciences.

Our designed artworks have been featured as hundreds of covers with publishers including RSC, ACS, Nature Publishing Group and Wiley.



Please email us at for quotation for your next great work!

Note: your research results and designs will be remained confidential with us.